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Diversity is no longer a talking point; it is reality in most every aspect of our lives. The norms of the past that dictated behavior among men and women, interaction among people of different races, cultures, religions, ages and lifestyles, or the topics we openly discuss have transformed and driven a more inclusive world. The emergence of a global economy and revolutionary advances in telecommunications have also made the world a much "smaller" place, providing us exposure to greater diversity at every level.

The workplace is no exception. Whether it’s openly gay workers, or people of different languages, or people with disabilities all working side by side, the workplace has changed. In addition, human conditions from obesity and dwarfism to mental illness and alcoholism are treated with increasing sensitivity and openness.

In response, workplace-diversity laws now exist at the federal, state and local level as a means to provide a level of legal protection in the workplace. Employees must be aware of these laws.

The Cintas Online Diversity-Awareness Training Course covers these laws and how to achieve proper compliance. It also provides details on the importance of treating everyone with respect and dignity, and the sound business strategy that embracing diversity affords your company. Topics include:

  • A comprehensive look at workplace diversity
  • Understanding the historical perspective
  • Review of diversity in business
  • Aspects regarding race, culture and language
  • Aspects regarding gender
  • Aspects regarding sexual orientation
  • Role of religion
  • Role of age
  • Role of disability
  • Aspects regarding size and physical appearance
  • Additional types of workplace diversity
  • What constitutes workplace harassment?

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