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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much do Cintas Online Training courses cost?
  • How long does it take an employee to complete a typical course?
  • Who writes Cintas Online Training's courses?
  • Do our computers need to be equipped with special hardware or software in order to use the courses?
  • Do we need a high-speed connection to the Internet?


  • How can I track my employees’ usage of Cintas Online Training’s courses?
  • What kind of learning management system (LMS) does Cintas Online Training use?
  • Can we launch and track Cintas Online Training courses from our existing LMS?
  • How do you link to our HR database?
  • What do you do to keep my data (and my company’s data) secure?


  • What do you mean that Cintas Online Training’s courses are “customizable”?
  • Can we change the testing portion of the product so that it is not in the form of a game?
  • What happens if the law changes during the term of our license?
  • What if there’s a course my company needs that Cintas Online Training doesn’t offer?
  • Can we use some of the training materials we already have?
  • How do Cintas Online Training’s online training courses fit with our Code of Conduct?
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