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Employees clearly benefit from compliance training. Research studies show they are more productive, have lower turnover rates, are more efficient and need less supervision. Also, with the added knowledge, they make fewer mistakes.

They Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Law

Engaging in proper conduct each day in the workplace and following stated laws and policies is common sense behavior for most employees. However, there are many legal and policy requirements that may not be as obvious to employees or may be quite different than what they consider to be normal socially and/or culturally. Similarly, among the plethora of laws related to data privacy, information security, anti-competitive conduct, insider trading, records management, acceptable Internet use, and other workplace issues are important subtleties that are critical for employees to know. Knowledge of these subtleties should not be assumed. Instead, employers should look to compliance training to provide employees with this deeper understanding of the law.

They Feel A Stronger Sense of Loyalty and Trust

Organizations that provide compliance training to their employees gain twofold. First, they increase employee knowledge and, thus, develop a more skilled workforce. Perhaps even more importantly, they enhance employee interest in the organization by demonstrating they are committed to their employees’ professional development. Training makes employees feel that they are part of their organization's family. It instills pride in the organization, its products and services. And when employees realize that the organization is investing in them willfully, they reciprocate with greater loyalty and trust.

They Believe in and Support a Culture of Integrity

Having an organization of happy employees working together in a workplace culture built on integrity is immeasurable. Such a culture generally leads to fewer wage demands, less absenteeism, and a stronger supply of quality job candidates. One step toward achieving this type of culture is to require that all employees receive training regularly on their compliance responsibilities. Investing in employees in this manner gives them an active role in creating and maintaining a productive, ethical and respectful workplace.

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