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Enjoy the increased efficiency that comes from spending less employee time searching for and filing records.

Cintas has the most organized storage system in the industry. Using a barcode tracking system, Cintas will always know exactly where every box you store with us is located.


  • Barcode verification of all transactions, at all points of the records management process, from pick-up to delivery
  • Complete audit trail for every item
  • Activity history for all transactions
  • To-the-minute status availability through our CintasVault™ Records Management software
  • Eighteen different status identifications for accurate control of inventory

All files are readily available 24x7, 365. Cintas offers flexible retrieval options where your documents are delivered to you the same day, the next day or even within 3 hours with our express service.

Cintas’ proprietary Scan-On-Demand process allows for secure and efficient delivery of electronic documents to any customer in North America or throughout the world.