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IT Asset Disposition

IT Asset Disposition

After Cintas securely destroys your hard drives, you may be wondering what to do with the rest of your computer peripherals and other electronics.

You no longer need to work with several different e-waste recyclers: Our trucks cannot recycle these materials, but we can manage the process to ensure all your e-waste is recycled.

Regulatory standards for the disposal of e-waste can negatively affect your company with large fines. Cintas Document Management works hand-in-hand with environmentally responsible and compliant recyclers that guarantee all e-waste is destroyed through a compliant solution.

To protect your company from regulatory penalties and negative brand perception, call in the Team with the White Truck to sustainably destroy all your outdated media and electronics.

Learn how the Cintas team provides the most efficient, compliant and sustainable solution:

  • Regulatory Compliance: By implementing a process for sustainably destroying and recycling all e-waste, you can protect your company from unnecessary environmental fines.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Align your data destruction process with your company’s vision of sustainability.

The Process:

  • 1)
    Cintas destroys your companies hard drives and confidential media with secure Lockdown™ Technology
  • 2)
    Cintas securely transports destroyed hard drives to e-waste recycler
  • 3)
    E-waste recycler arrives at your facility
  • 4)
    A manifest of all e-waste materials is created
  • 5)
    Materials are transferred to recycling plant for processing
  • 6)
    All materials are either repurposed, dismantled or destroyed and then recycled
  • 7)
    Cintas sends you a single bill for all your IT Disposition and Hard Drive Destruction