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Information Management - Financial Compliance Training

The growing number of legal requirements to which financial services organizations must comply can be daunting. In addition, because you hold valuable client data, you and your staff are also expected to comply with data privacy rules, anti-money laundering laws, rules for responsible social media use, and more. Financial institutions can minimize risk by providing your employees with trackable compliance training.

Cintas Compliance Training Gives You:

Engaging Content

Engaging Content

  • Interactive quizzes, games, videos and news clips
  • Adult-learning oriented content to aid in comprehension
Effective Compliance

Effective Compliance

  • Legally vetted content helps you achieve compliance
  • Updated courses when laws change
Easy Management and Participation

Easy Management and Participation

  • Easy access from any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Easy rollout, tracking and reporting

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Compliance Training - Video

Compliance Training


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