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Information Management - Healthcare Blue Wrap Recycling

Blue Wrap Recycling Made Easy.
Cintas offers an environmentally friendly method of recycling Blue Wrap, a non-biodegradable plastic. When recycled correctly, the amount entering landfills can be eliminated, going a long way toward supporting your hospital’s sustainability efforts.

Cintas makes recycling Blue Wrap as easy and efficient for you and your team as possible. Our trained Secure Service Representatives will:

  • Pick up uncontaminated Blue Wrap from your facility
  • Transfer the material to a secure Cintas facility where it is baled
  • Transport the bundles to a certified recycler

The Blue Wrap is processed and recycled into plastic polymer granular, which are transformed into every day consumer products.

Two pounds of recycled plastic saves enough energy to power a smartphone for more than one year.*

Join your colleagues in making this simple switch to help bring significant reductions in landfill waste.

Diagram of blue wrap recycling process

Contact us today to speak with a Cintas representative about your healthcare Blue Wrap recycling needs.


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