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Information Management - Healthcare Document Shredding

Cintas SmartShred® is the Complete Document Shredding Solution

Legal Requirements

Be Secure in Your Legal Requirements

Confidential handling and the secure destruction of healthcare records is no longer a matter involving just the doctor and patient. Today, government regulations such as HIPAA make secure destruction of medical records the law across the broader healthcare field.

  • Cintas Document Shredding provides the most secure policies and procedures to safeguard your physical paper records
A person scanning legal documents with a pen

Be Compliant with Regulators and Auditors

Compliance with document destruction laws is mandatory and only the beginning. The rules and regulations with which healthcare organizations must comply are growing in number, and penalties for non-compliance are increasing in severity. Trust Cintas to know the laws and keep you compliant.

  • Cintas Document Shredding has met all standards of HIPAA Compliance as well as meeting BAA requirements
Medical employee and a patient giving thumbs up

Be Efficient and Improve the Patient Experience

Storing out-of-date records creates a crowded and inefficient staff. When patient files are jeopardized your staff has to handle complaints and can’t care for patients. You need a better option.

  • Cintas Document Shredding and our local service team makes your shredding program easy and simple – so you can get back to what matters most.

Cintas meets or exceeds these requirements to ensure your document destruction plan meets the required standards set forth.Contact a Cintas professional today to learn more




On Site Shredding - Video

On Site Shredding

Off Site Shredding - Video

Off Site Shredding


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