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Information Management - Healthcare Hard Drive Destruction

LockDown Data Destruction

Never before has it been more important to properly destroy confidential or sensitive health-related information stored on computer hard drives. Unauthorized use of such information poses serious problems to healthcare organizations — hefty fines, negative publicity and in some cases imprisonment.

Cintas assures you have the hard drive sanitation program in place to avoid harmful and costly regulatory violations. We offer the most secure and efficient solution for permanent hard drive destruction. You can trust us to keep you compliant with legal requirements and in good standing with your patients.

Cintas offers the most secure and efficient solution for permanent hard drive destruction.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

  • Two onsite, background-checked employees ensures your hard drives are never out of sight
  • Onsite handheld scanner records each hard drive’s serial number
  • Onsite onboard computer creates a manifest log of all hard drives recorded
  • Onsite destruction-only process
  • Hard drive platters and casing are physically destroyed to ensure complete data destruction
  • Client can view each destroyed hard drive onsite before it leaves their parking lot
  • Printed and/or emailed manifest log provided for each hard drive successfully destroyed

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Hard Drive Destruction - Video

Hard Drive Destruction


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