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The Cintas Drain Line Maintainer Service is a bio-based drain line cleaner that degrades fats, oils, grease and other food wastes that attract drain flies, create clogs and create odors. Bio based drain cleaners are often preferred over enzyme based drain cleaners, because they attack a broader range of fat, oil and grease. Some people also have allergies to enzyme based drain cleaners. With a bio based drain cleaner, environmentally friendly microbes turn food waste into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

Bio-Based Drain Line Maintainer Service

  • Keeps drains free-flowing
  • Eliminates drain odors
  • Eliminates breeding grounds for drain flies
  • Protects against health code violations
  • Prevents business interruptions from clogged drains
  • Reduces costly plumbing and pump-out service

Keep your drains and business running smoothly with the Cintas Drain Line Maintainer Service.

Contact Cintas for more information on how to add Drain Line Maintainer Service as part of your Clean Kitchen Program.