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Clean Shop Towel Service

Clean Shop Solutions

Working in a shop is tough work, and it’s important to have the right tools to handle the job. The Cintas Clean Shop Solutions provide everything you need to cover your cleaning needs, address your safety concerns, and maximize productivity while respecting the environment.


Cintas service restocks hard working hand care and paper products that your staff needs. We ensure that all dispensers are full, functioning and working as hard as you do.


Our comprehensive service delivers shop towels and fender covers, ensuring you have the supplies on hand that you need. We not only provide a continuous supply of fresh shop towels, our service even provides a convenient means for pickup of dirty rags and delivery of clean ones.


Cintas ensures you have the right tools and proper cleaning chemicals to keep your shop clean and looking it’s best. Signet™ Cleaning Chemical Service combines industry-leading cleaning chemicals from Diversey with the service excellence of Cintas to bring you one powerful solution.

Deep Clean

The Cintas SafeWasher, a parts cleaning system, uses bioremediation to reduce or eliminate aerosol cleaners. And that reduces your operating costs.

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