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Stack of clean, white towels. From hazardous wastes to simple wipes, Cintas has the towels and service for your business.
You Tell Us How High
We'll keep you in supply.
A metal bin for shop towels. Cintas towel service provides easy disposal of used towels.
It's All in the Details
Towels for every job.

Shop Towel Service

Reduce your costs and your risk. Cleaning or replacing shop towels every time they get soiled can be time-consuming and expensive. And if you deal with hazardous waste, it can be downright dangerous. Cintas will provide not only a continuous supply of reusable freshly laundered shop towels but also safe and convenient means of shop towel disposal.


  • Defined product specifications to provide a custom shop towel program designed to fit your cleaning habits.
  • Cintas provides only the highest quality towels and multiple color options to choose from.
  • Cintas professionals will pick up your used shop towels and provide a safe and convenient means of disposal.


  1. No upfront inventory investment
  2. On a regular basis we remove dirt and contaminated shop towels from your property and replace with professionally cleaned shop towels
  3. Flexible programs to meet your changing needs