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automotive Parts Washer

The Cintas SafeWasher™ is a safer way to clean your automotive parts.

The Cintas SafeWasher™, an Automotive Parts Washer system, uses a non-hazardous, aqueous based degreasing solution that gives you the powerful cleaning performance of solvents without any hazardous by products through the process of bioremediation. Bioremediation is the process by which microbes turn harmful contaminants into non-toxic substances. The bioremediation process reduces liquid hazardous waste streams, reduces the release of harmful pollutants and increases employee safety while washing parts.

The Automotive Parts Washer requires no inventory investment and none of the issues with maintaining the machine.* When you sign up for an Automotive Parts Washer, you get hassle-free, reliable service and equipment. We’ll ensure your system is working at peak performance.

Reduce your costs and your risks:

Do you use aerosol brake cleaners? The Automotive Parts Washer is mobile and can be used in place of aerosol brake cleaners. Click here to see how much money the Cintas SafeWasher™ can save you.

SafeWasher also saves big-money
on everyday parts cleaning
such as Brake-Jobs!
Traditional Way
Cost of traditional aerosol brake cleaning
cans per day x days per week
= 0 x $ per can

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Request more information to learn how Cintas can reduce your operating costs with our Cintas SafeWasher service.
The Cintas Way

Environmentally friendly and safer for employees:

  • Non-Toxic
  • PH Neutral
  • Non-Flammable
  • Reduce Environmental Hazards
  • Reduce Cradle-to-Grave Liability
  • Decrease Overall Hazardous Waste Generation

Industries & Applications for the Cintas SafeWasher™

Stay clean — and green — today with a Cintas SafeWasher™.

Contact us and a Cintas representative will show you how our parts cleaning system can be friendly to your budget — and the environment.

*The customer is the generator and is responsible for proper characterization and disposal of any wastes in accordance with applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations.