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automotive Parts Washer

The Cintas SafeWasher™ is an environmentally friendly and safe solution to clean automotive parts.

The Cintas SafeWasher™, an Automotive Parts Washer system, uses a non-hazardous, water based degreasing solution that gives you the powerful cleaning performance of solvents without any hazardous by-products through the process of bioremediation. Bioremediation is the process by which microbes turn harmful contaminants into non-toxic substances. The bioremediation process reduces liquid hazardous waste streams, reduces the release of harmful pollutants and increases employee safety while washing parts. The Cintas Auto Parts Washer is also a mobile unit that allows the user to easily move the machine to the needed job.

SafeWasher also saves big-money
on everyday parts cleaning
such as Brake-Jobs!
Traditional Way
Cost of traditional aerosol brake cleaning
cans per day x days per week
= 0 x $ per can

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Request more information to learn how Cintas can reduce your operating costs with our Cintas SafeWasher service.
The Cintas Way


  • No upfront investment in equipment or fluid
  • Eliminate aerosol brake cleaner inventory
  • Weekly service visits to monitor the machine and ensure it is working at peak performance
  • Flexible program to meet the needs of your business
  • No maintenance responsibilities