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SIGNATURE SERIES™ Restroom Trash Cans

Signature Series™ Restroom Trash Cans.
Air Freshener Dispenser

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Deep Red

Seamless pairing for our paper towel dispensers... Signature Series™ Restroom Trash Cans offer users a tidy way to dispose of waste.

Signature Series™ Restroom Trash Cans mount to your wall at a desired height for optimal disposal. The specially designed lid ensures the liner is hidden, keeping your desired aesthetics. The smooth surface makes the trash can easy to clean and the bacteriostatic properties of the cover keep the dispenser as clean as possible between cleanings.

The Importance of Trash Cans.

Having fixtures free and clear of debris is one of the top 10 users expectations of clean.* It is important that your restrooms have adequate disposal receptacles to ensure your restroom users can dispose of their paper waste.

How The Service Works:

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • On a weekly basis we:
    • - Monitor inventory levels and refill dispensers
    • - Ensure dispensers are functioning properly
    • - Replace batteries as needed
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

*Cintas proprietary research ©2008

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