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Signature Series™ Toilet Seat Cleaner.
Air Freshener Dispenser

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Deep Red

The toilet seat cleaner foam gives your restroom users the peace of mind that the seat is germ-free before sitting down.

Signature Series™ Toilet Seat Cleaners are a gentle foam cleaner that is more hygienic than paper seat covers, and reduces waste associated with covers that can cause plumbing or slip and fall problems. The specially designed toilet seat cleaner formula evaporates instantly with no irritation to skin.

The Importance of Seat Protection.

Guests want to feel comfortable and confident about using your public toilet. Providing your customers with the peace of mind that your facility is clean and germ-free reduces the likelihood of users “hovering” and soiling the fixture, causing you additional expenses in emergency clean-ups and negatively impacting other restroom users’ experiences.

How The Service Works:

  • No upfront inventory investment
  • On a weekly basis we:
    • - Monitor inventory levels and refill dispensers
    • - Ensure dispensers are functioning properly
    • - Replace batteries as needed
  • Flexible programs to meet your changing needs

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