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Introducing The Value Inspection Program (VIP) Guarantee

VIP GuaranteedWe are so confident in our service that we now guarantee it!

We get it. You want worry free fire protection that equals a smart investment. That’s why we created the Cintas Fire Value Inspection Program, a program that provides complete compliance, along with unmatched value benefits. We are the ONLY fire protection provider to offer the industry exclusive Value Inspection Program (VIP) Guarantee.

As the choice fire protection provider for more than 180,000 North American businesses, we offer a full range of services, including testing, inspection, repairs and monitoring. Our people, process and Value Inspection Program allow us to guarantee unmatched fire protection services and provide a one-stop-shop experience.

Our People:

We employ highly-trained, trustworthy technicians and continually invest in their education. Our responsive, local office staff is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. We even offer 24-hour emergency support. Our team will even handle all your facility’s interaction with the fire marshal or the local authority having jurisdiction.

Our Process:

Our fire protection processes offer many tangible benefits for our customers. Our technicians use Portable Route Computers, which contain the current inventory of each piece of equipment in your facility. These computers allow us to print inspection reports and invoices onsite. These reports are also available online through our 24-hour customer access portal, complete with pictures of noncompliant equipment.

Our Even Exchange Program allows us to replace extinguishers due for testing with extinguishers that have already been tested in a Cintas Certified Processing Center. This process eliminates the need for servicing extinguishers at your facility, which can get messy and interrupt your operations.

Our Word:

At Cintas, we are so confident in the service that we provide, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.

If after we inspect your devices the Fire Marshal determines that you are out of compliance, we will:

  1. Re-inspect the device(s) within 48 hours
  2. Credit your account the original value of the inspection on the devices in question
  3. Perform a walk-through with the Fire Marshal

If for some other reason you are not completely satisfied with our services, we offer a complete money-back guarantee. This guarantee reflects the commitment to provide perfect service to our customers.

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