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A Cintas representative installing an emergency exit sign with lights.
Enable safe, timely evacuation.

Emergency & Exit Light Testing

Power outages will likely occur at your facility a number of times in a given year – it’s inevitable. Neglecting to get your emergency lights tested and inspected puts you at increased risk of fines for code noncompliance, preventable injuries and resulting lawsuits.

Did You Know?


With the Cintas Value Inspection Program, we will ensure your lights:

  • Will function in a power outage, ensuring safe evacuation and reducing risk of preventable injury
  • Are tagged and complete records are available for the fire department and insurers
  • Are compliant with all applicable code through our exclusive Value Inspection Program


  1. A Cintas professional will assess your emergency and exit light needs and will determine the best solution for your business.
  2. Flexible programs to meet your changing needs.
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