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A Cintas representative installiing a sprinkler system at a customer location.
Automatic fire protection.

Fire Sprinkler Testing And Inspection

Slow the fire. Protect your employees.

It's amazing how quickly a fire can spread. But facilities with a well-maintained fire sprinkler system have a huge advantage, because the response can slow a fire’s progress — and help minimize damage — until firefighters arrive.

Through testing and inspection, Cintas gives you the confidence that all your sprinkler systems are ready to activate in a fire emergency. And we’re here to help you ensure that they’re not just functioning properly, but also helping you stay compliant with current fire codes.

Regular sprinkler system servicing from Cintas:

  • Helps you stay compliant. In fact, periodic servicing is required by the NFPA (NFPA 25) and your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) — and you could be fined for non-compliance if you don’t follow these guidelines.
  • Helps keep your equipment ready. Most fire sprinklers require periodic testing and service to continue functioning properly.
  • Increases insurance coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies won’t cover damages caused by fire unless a company has fully documented that periodic checks and maintenance have been performed on their sprinkler systems.
  • Promotes safety. Having your fire sprinkler systems properly serviced and functioning can help save property and lives during a fire.

Your inspection frequency can vary.

From pre-action and deluge to foam-water and standpipe, there are many sprinkler system types on the market today — and your inspection frequency depends on the type of system you have, as well as your local AHJ requirements. Be sure to consult with your state and local AHJ to find out the required inspection frequency for your system.

Cintas specializes in:

  • Emergency support service*. On call to diagnose and repair system problems.
  • Quarterly inspections*. If your system requires quarterly inspections, you can count on your Cintas technician to help you ensure you’re compliant.
  • Yearly inspections*. Every year, your Cintas technician will help inspect your pipe fittings, sprinklers, value supervisory alarm devices, device signage, hydraulic nameplate, mechanical devices and more.
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* Service may vary depending on service locations.