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Each degree of burn requires special treatment and Cintas carries a wide range of burn care products to address all levels of burn injuries.

For our complete line of First Aid and Safety Products: First Aid & Safety Catalog

Picture of Burn Kits

Burn Kits

All-purpose burn kits are suitable for any type of work environment from the executive office to the construction site.

Picture of Burn Spray & Insta-cool Cold Burn Spray

Burn Spray

Relieves pain, soothes and cools. Convenient pump allows no-touch application.

Insta-Cool Cold Burn Spray

Reduces heat, swelling and pain on injured areas. Provides instant topical anesthetic.

Picture of Cool & Soothe

Cool & Soothe

Designed to provide a cool, moist barrier on minor burn wounds and help soothe the paint. Using Cool & Soothe to keep burn wounds moist provides for better healing.

Picture of Non-Stick Pads

Non-Stick Pads

A non-adherent sterile pad with a plastic porous membrane that allows fluid to pass through and be absorbed, yet will not stick to wounds.

Picture of Water-Jel Fire Blankets

Water-Jel Fire Blankets

One step system for Emergency First Aid on a burn victim. Puts out the fire, stops burn progressions, cools the skin, eases the pain, and protects against airborne contamination.

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