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Eyewash Stations

Keep your eyewash station ANSI-compliant with Cintas’ industry-exclusive Safety Director™ eyewash cleaning system.

Safety Director™ Eyewash Service

The Safety Director™ cleaning system, combined with the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated service professionals, ensures that your station is properly cleaned and serviced.

Cintas Service Includes:

  • Drain, Pressure Clean and Refill of your Eyewash Station with Fresh Water
  • Eyewash Sealed with Tamper Evident Seal to Ensure Compliance
  • Monthly Inspections with Signed Eyewash Inspection Tags
  • Eyewash Stations Scanned and Barcoded with Handheld Computer for Proof/Documentation of Inspection
  • Customized Service Inspection Every 90-120 days

Plumbed Eyewash Units

Plumbed Eyewash Units

  • Various Mounting Options (Wall, Self-Standing, Plumbed)
  • Emergency Showers
  • Eyewash and Drench Hose Units
  • Monthly Service and Inspection
Eye & Skin Wash Flushing Station

Eye & Skin Wash Flushing Station

  • Holds Three 16 oz. Eye and Skin Wash Bottles
  • Bottles Buffered in Isotonic Solution
  • Classified as a Supplemental Eyewash Station