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Hearing Protection

OSHA standards require employers to give their employees an opportunity to select their hearing protection. Your Cintas representative can help you satisfy this requirement with a wide selection of approved hearing protection.

For our complete line of First Aid and Safety products: First Aid & Safety Catalog

Comfort Plus Earplugs

Comfort Plus Earplugs

Low pressure foam multi-covered earplugs provide great comfort, perfect for extended wear. NRR: 32dB

DuraPlug Reusable Earplugs

DuraPlug Reusable Earplugs

Tapered design, soft attenuating shell around a pocket of air for comfort. Includes easily detachable cord. NRR: 25dB

Howard Leight

Howard Leight®

Max Lite®
Low pressure foam plugs protect ear canals and can be used in all-day comfort. NRR: 30dB

Highest NRR rating available in a pre-shaped foam earplug. NRR:33dB

Comfort styling, high attenuation, highly-detactable metal with easy disposability. Corded for extra safety and convenience. NRR: 32dB



Jazz Band
Soft tapered foam pods for increased protection and decreased band pressure for greater fit and comfort. NRR:25dB

Easily slips into the ear and are brightly colored for compliance checks. NRR: 27dB

Extra long brightly colored tapered plugs that allow easy insertion and removal. Available corded and non-corded. NRR:33dB


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