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Cintas safety cabinet – provides safe, centralized receptacles for storage of hazardous materials.
Safe, centralized storage.

Flame Resistant Cabinets

Now you can have safe storage close to your worksite.

If your crews work with flammable liquids — such as fuels, chemicals, solvents or certain paints — safe storage is not just important, it's required. And usually, proper storage is either off-site or at some distance from the work area.

Keep the safety. Lose the downtime.

Cintas' flame resistant cabinets provide safe, centralized storage of flammable liquids at convenient close-to-the-job locations, so your workers' time-consuming trips to remote storage rooms are reduced or eliminated entirely.

Built to the highest quality standards, Cintas' flame resistant cabinets meet or exceed all NFPA and OSHA criteria.

Cintas' flame resistant cabinets are available in a wide variety of heights, widths and depths for safe storage of up to 60 gallons of flammable liquids in cans or 110 gallons of combustible liquids in drums.

Maintain safety and productivity.

Contact us and a Cintas representative will help you select and deploy the right flame resistant cabinets for your type of work.

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