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ReviveR™ View AED: the first and only AED delivering voice, text and full-color interactive video instruction for external defibrillation, CPR and rescue breathing.
ReviveR VIEW AED with
full-color video guidance.
ReviveR™ with paddles.
Promote lifesaving response
to sudden cardiac arrest.


Seconds count when someone's heart stops beating. That's why you need the ReviveR™ AED to complement your in-house emergency response team.

Designed for use by lay responders, the ReviveR AED has no lids, moving parts or cases — just two buttons with pre-connected pads.

When the ReviveR is in use, a clear, calm voice and visual indicators prompt the user from start to finish, making the ReviveR AED simple to use.

Continuous monitoring of the heart will detect if the patient's heartbeat recovers, and the ReviveR AED will cancel the shock.

Introducing the Revolutionary ReviveR™ VIEW AED

The new ReviveR™ VIEW automated external defibrillator is the first and only AED on the market to use digital video to show how to save the life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim in real-time. Using the ReviveR View is like having a personal coach at a rescuer’s side. Interactive videos supplemented by easy-to-read text and voice prompts show the rescuer everything from how to apply the defibrillation pads to how to deliver the shocks to the sudden cardiac arrest victim.

Revolutionary AED. Incredible Deal.

Get the new ReviveR™ VIEW AED, wall cabinet, AED training, pads, battery replacement, and software upgrades all at a low, fixed monthly cost of only $99 per month with a 36-month service agreement. Take the interactive demo and learn more at

When you sign up for the ReviveR™ AED program, it's much more than an AED purchase. Cintas service representatives located in every major city nationwide are ready to attend to your program needs, either in person or by telephone.

You'll receive:

Site Assessment

Your knowledgeable Cintas First Aid and Safety representative will initiate service by conducting an on-site assessment to help you decide the number and location of your AEDs.

Oxygen and AED Accessories

Cintas First Aid and Safety has oxygen lease and purchase programs and a full line of ReviveR™ accessories to meet the needs of your business.

Medical Direction

The Cintas program includes the required medical direction and initial prescription, as well as training review, detailed protocols, policy review and more. Telephone consultation on your AED program is available with 24/7 access for urgent calls.

Delivery and Installation

Every ReviveR™ AED unit is delivered within five business days, expertly installed and tested by a Cintas First Aid and Safety representative and ready for immediate use.

Program Announcement

The ReviveR™ AED program includes posters and brochures announcing the new AED capability to employees and outlining program specifics. In addition, Cintas can assist you with communication of your AED preparedness efforts to customers and the general public through press releases.

ReviveR™ AED Training

This key program component ensures CPR and AED training consistency and compliance nationwide. Led by locally certified instructors, the sessions can be held on-site or at the closest Cintas facility. Defibrillator courses are supplemented with the ReviveR™ AED Training Video.

Program Management

Our tracking system, FastTrack™, updates and instantly reports the number and location of AED units, the expiration of pads and batteries, AED training conducted or needed, and other factors that help ensure AED preparedness.

Not sure what’s right for your facility? Request more information, and a Cintas first aid and safety expert will help you find the best products for effective emergency response.