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Flame Retardant Clothing & Apparel

Man wearing flame resistant body suit, including face shield.
Arc-Flash Equipment Kits
Man with a clipboard at oil refinery wearing a flame resistant shirt and pants and a hard hat.
Indura® Ultra Soft
Shirt and Pants

Every day over 300,000 professionals wear hard-working flame retardant clothing from Cintas.

Cintas carries all of the best flame retardant clothing brands, including:

  • Indura®
  • Indura Ultra Soft
  • Nomex IIIA
  • Nomex/Rayon
  • Nomex AP
  • PBI
  • PBI Triguard
  • PR97
  • Vinex
  • Oasis
  • Banwear and many more

Flame retardant apparel doesn't have to be bulky and uncomfortable. We offer several brands featuring a professional appearance and fabric that is not only comfortable and breathable, but more importantly, safe and compliant.

When you buy or rent fire protection apparel from Cintas, you ensure your workers are covered.

Protect your employees from burns and electrical shock injuries with flame retardant clothing and apparel from Cintas.

Contact us and a Cintas representative can assist you in choosing the flame retardant apparel and programs that are the most effective and affordable for your business.