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Cleaning and Repair

Cintas employee wearing a cleanroom uniform sorting flame resistant clothing for wash.
Rent It and We'll Wash It!

Proper care of flame resistant clothing is as important as wearing it.

Fact: Common laundry products, like fabric softeners, starches and bleach, are flammable!

Washing your flame resistant clothing with other items, such as cotton undergarments, can cause fibers — which are also flammable — to attach, significantly compromising the very fire-retardant properties of the clothing that your employees rely on for their safety. Strict adherence to the manufacturer's washing instructions of any flame resistant garment is absolutely critical.

Cintas can clean and repair your flame resistant clothing at competitive prices — even if you purchased the clothing from another supplier.

If you or your employees choose to launder your flame resistant clothing yourself, please consider these important factors:

  • Toxins may be absorbed in the fabric and can contaminate personal clothing
  • High soil environments mean garments require more robust cleaning
  • Type of garment to be laundered
  • Inspection of garments before laundering is important because damage to clothing can be exacerbated by the cleaning process
  • Repair of garments should not be attempted without the proper materials
  • Water alkalinity can negatively affect fire retardant performance

Wash with care.

Contact us and a Cintas service professional will explain the proper measures for maintaining your flame resistant clothing because we want it to stay flame resistant.