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Enhanced Visibility Workwear

Why is adding Enhanced Visibility to Flame Resistant Clothing so important?

Enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing has highly reflective properties or is a color that can instantly be distinguished from the background, even in very low light situations. These garments often have reflective stripes or patches that become much more visible in the dark or in reduced lighting environments.

Who should wear Enhanced Visibility Flame Resistant Clothing?

Workers in limited lighting environments, who also face the hazards of flash fire, electric arc, molten metal splash or combustible dust, must wear enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing.

Here are just a few examples of the work environments where employees need to be protected by enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing:

  • Oil and gas drilling and service workers
  • Electrical workers
  • Refinery workers
  • Foundry workers

Enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing may be the difference between life and disaster for these workers… plus, OSHA and other governmental regulatory institutions are mandating that employers provide flame resistant clothing for many workers … and even contractors.

How does Enhanced Visibility Flame Resistant Clothing protect workers against hazards?

When worn as daily wear, an employer can have confidence that their employee is wearing the proper flame resistant clothing for the work hazard. Additionally, having reflectivity built into the clothing enhances the probability that a worker will be seen anytime of the day or night.

In addition to better visibility, the flame resistant capability of the clothing provides thermal protection for the wearer. In an electric arc flash or flash fire environment, flame resistant clothing is designed to “self-extinguish” quickly unlike cotton or blends which can ignite immediately and continue to burn. This limits the exposure of the skin to high temperatures which can cause burning thus reducing the potential for injury or death.

Care and Maintenance.

The proper care and maintenance, particularly the correct laundering procedure, can have a significant impact on the wear and effectiveness of enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing. As an employer, you are liable for the condition and performance of these specialized garments. As your workplace partner, Cintas can help you to meet these governmental requirements through the proper laundering, regular inspection and repair of every piece of protective clothing we service for your workers.

Get an Enhanced Visibility Flame Resistant Clothing program in just weeks — not months.

Cintas can help you to design, implement and maintain a cost effective enhanced visibility flame resistant clothing program. With excellent sourcing capabilities and state of the art replenishment systems in place, Cintas can respond to your needs.

Cintas provides:

  • Specialists dedicated solely to protective apparel
  • Over 400 Cintas facilities throughout North America
  • Rental, lease, purchase or combination programs
  • Weekly delivery – giving workers a ready supply of clean garments
  • Laundering and repair to manufacturer specifications – maintaining protective integrity and helping to keep your company compliant
  • Inventory services – providing the right protection when you need it

Be safe, be compliant — with Enhanced Visibility Flame Resistant Clothing from Cintas.

Cintas is the industry leader in providing uniforms and protective equipment for workers in hazardous environments. Find out more about how an Enhanced Visibility Flame Resistant Clothing Program from Cintas can help your company protect workers and stay compliant with all safety regulations. Contact a representative today.