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Molten Metal Protection

How do you protect your workers from the hazard of molten metal splash?

The use of flame resistant clothing will provide thermal protection at the exposure area during a molten metal splash incident. The level of protection depends upon the weight of fabric and in its composition. After the source of the ignition is removed, flame resistant garments will self-extinguish, limiting the body burn percentage. Non-flame resistant fabrics will continue to burn, causing severe contact burns to the skin.

Companies bear the responsibility of protecting their employees from the hazards associated with a molten metal splash. Failure to provide and use personal protective equipment designed for molten metal splash hazards is a serious infraction of the OSHA and NFPA standards and may carry severe penalties … not to mention the lost productivity and personal toll it can take on your employees and their families.

Flame resistant clothing for molten metal workers.

Secondary protective apparel – such as flame resistant shirts and pants, can be worn under primary protective clothing such as jackets, aprons or capes – is designed to shield and help prevent thermal burns by shedding molten metal droplets.