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Why choose a Managed Program from Cintas for Flame Resistant Clothing?

As your workplace partner, Cintas will help you to meet governmental requirements through the proper laundering, regular inspection and expert repair and replacement of every piece of protective clothing we provide for your workers.

We’re the industry leader in uniforms and industrial cleaning, and we can help you develop a flame resistant clothing program that keeps your company compliant and your workers safe, including:

  • Comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment Programs
  • Specialists dedicated solely to protective apparel
  • Proper care and maintenance of flame resistant garments
  • Appropriate protective apparel based upon your hazard/risk category
  • Over 400 Cintas facilities throughout North America
  • Rental, lease, purchase or combination programs

Cintas service options give you the best possible combination of protection, cleaning, inventory and financing to meet your needs effectively and cost-efficiently.

  • Weekly delivery gives workers a ready supply of clean garments
  • Cleaning to manufacturer specifications maintains protective integrity
  • Weekly inspection brings repair needs to our attention quickly
  • Garments are repaired with FR-rated materials specified by the manufacturer
  • Inventory services keeps the right protection where and when you need it

Be safe, be compliant — with Flame Resistant Clothing from Cintas.

Contact the Cintas experts to help you choose the right flame resistant clothing for your particular hazards and design a program to keep your garments clean, repaired and organized according to industry and regulatory specifications. Choose a Flame Resistant Clothing Managed Program from Cintas.