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Cleaning and Repair

Cintas employee wearing a cleanroom uniform sorting flame resistant clothing for wash.
Rent It and We'll Wash It!

Proper care of flame resistant clothing is as important as wearing it.

The proper care and maintenance of flame resistant clothing is absolutely critical. Using the correct wash formulas ensures the integrity of the garments. Certain substances often used in home laundering, such as fabric softeners, should be avoided. In addition, flame resistant clothing needs to be repaired using flame resistant thread and other materials.

Cintas can clean and repair your flame resistant clothing even if you purchased it from someone else.

Why take the chance on your employees’ safety? Let us manage and maintain your flame resistant clothing the proper way. Look at these risk factors if your employees ”do-it-themselves.”

  • Toxins may be absorbed in the fabric and can contaminate personal clothing
  • High soil environments mean garments require more robust cleaning
  • Inspection and repair of garments before laundering is required
  • Proper materials and procedures are required to repair flame resistant garments
  • Even water alkalinity can have a negative effect on flame retardant performance

Improper care of flame resistant clothing — you can be held liable!

As an employer providing flame resistant garments, it is your responsibility to comply with industry standards regarding those garments. But did you know that you are also responsible even if your employees provide and maintain their own personal protective equipment such as flame resistant clothing?

Flame resistance and effectiveness can be severely diminished if your workers do not launder and maintain their apparel according to manufacturers’ specifications. Leaving you liable.

Be safe, be compliant — with Flame Resistant Clothing from Cintas.

Contact Cintas to help you design a program to keep your flame resistant garments clean, repaired and organized according to industry and regulatory specifications.