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Flame Resistant Clothing Rental Programs

Worker standing next to a propane tank wearing a blue, flame resistant uniform by Cintas.
Rent It and We'll Wash It!

With no upfront investment required, the flame resistant clothing you rent from Cintas can protect your bottom line as well as it protects your employees.

Because you're not buying your flame resistant garments, you'll have no high start-up costs. And our rental programs provide the kind of flexibility that allows you to increase or decrease the number of garments we deliver whenever your requirements change. Best of all, we'll professionally clean and repair your fire resistant clothing on a regular basis, so neither you nor your employees have to worry about maintenance costs.

Flame — and hassle — resistant.

  • Your Cintas representative will carefully fit each wearer to ensure optimum comfort and safety
  • We'll pick up the soiled garments and deliver professionally cleaned workwear every week
  • We inspect and repair or replace the clothing as needed

Lease option may also work for your company.

Flame resistant clothing can also be leased with the same service options as our rental programs, with the exception of weekly cleaning. Lease service options are best suited for garments requiring infrequent cleaning, such as clothing to be used by visitors.

Rent or lease the best protection for your hard-working employees.

A flame resistant clothing rental or lease program from Cintas is a benefit for you and for your team. Contact us and a representative will help you choose a program that gives you maximum safety and flexibility.