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Gaming Solutions

Effectively managing your casino operations means knowing the issues that could affect your business. Some of the most important issues facing the industry today include:

Image and Identification

From the moment they step on the floor, your guests want their visit to be unforgettable. Your apparel program is the fabric that sets the tone for your casino’s individual style and brand. Cintas’ image and identification solutions will help you provide a cohesive and consistent brand image.

Uniform Solutions

Safety and Risk Management

Risk is simply part of the experience in the gaming world, except when it comes to protecting your guests, employees and business. Our safety and risk management solutions are tailored to the needs of the gaming industry—and your local jurisdictional requirements.

Floor Mat Solutions       Fire Protection Solutions      
AED & First Aid Solutions       Training Solutions

Compliance and Confidentiality

One of the biggest issues of a casino is safeguarding the confidentiality of employee and guest information. Casinos remain a primary target for hackers looking to steal credit card and personnel data. Cintas provides custom solutions that minimize compliance and confidentiality risks, meeting each casino’s unique requirements.

Document Management Solutions


With thousands of high heel shoes, dirt and dust entering casinos daily, floor conditions can quickly deteriorate. Cintas’ programs ensure a hygienic, safe and impressive indoor and outdoor environment while helping to enhance guest experience.

Floor Mat Solutions       Deep Cleaning Solutions      
Cleaning Chemical Solutions