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Maid cleaning hotel floors.

Building Cleaning

Cintas understands the needs of cleaning service and maintenance providers and their employees. That is why we have taken the initiative to customize programs to best meet the demands of the job. Cintas realizes that you expect quality products and service to guarantee your employees look and feel good on the job, whether day or night. Let Cintas help promote your image and attention to details for all employees representing your company and its reputation.

Cintas recognizes the cleaning and maintenance industry has a unique set of challenges and we are committed to help with a program that fits the many facets. Your staff needs to be identifiable, comfortable and presentable at all times. The ideal goal is for your customers to be impressed with your image and your employees are happy with the way their uniforms make them feel.

Image Enhancement

Your company needs to stand out from the competition! With building cleaning and maintenance being one of the fastest growing service industries in North America, there must be something to separate your company from the rest. Because of the visibility of cleaning personnel with customers, prospects, employees or residents, the addition of a uniform promotes a positive, caring image towards the overall regards of the facility. Professionals are working on the job and a complete uniform signifies the impression of an expert.

Employee and Company Identification

With security measures heightened, uniforms provide identification for people working on a customer's property. Customers can be assured that qualified professionals are working on their place of business and they are supposed to be on the premises. Since many cleaning services are offered 24 hours a day and often provide emergency services, it is a must that employees be identifiable.

Company identification can also help promote and generate new business for your cleaning company as well. Wearing a uniform promotes the company name and is a form of free advertisement. Whether employees work around executives, thousands of employees or simply at a facility with two people, the company image is being endorsed, remembered and passed on to potential customers.

Employee Productivity

Though working as a team is very rewarding for an individual, it can sometimes be stressful for reasons that are not always recognizable. Uniforms provide a sense of belonging to a team, therefore establishing an awareness of unity and pride. Communication and teamwork could be greatly influenced by a uniform program.

Comfort is a must for any employee who is constantly walking, stretching, kneeling and twisting on the job. There is no doubt that cleaning and maintenance employees are constantly on the go with little time to worry about personal comfort. If garments are too big, too small or simply worn out, employee production could slow down. Cintas can provide a good quality garment that fits a variety of sizes, and will withstand the toughest set of conditions. Cintas uniforms are built for the job.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the building cleaning industry.

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