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First Aid & Training

First Aid & Training

When guests stay at your casino, you need to be prepared for anything. The average age of casino guests is 51 to 65, a prime age-bracket for heart attacks and sudden cardiac arrest. Cintas can prepare you with the right emergency tools and training to protect your employees, guests and business.


First Aid & Training

  • The new ReviveR™ AED provides step-by-step guidance to responders
  • Interactive, easy-to-read text and voice prompts
  • Visually see how to apply the pads
  • See and hear when to safely deliver the charge to the victim
  • CPR and rescue breathing demonstrated through the full-color LCD display

First Aid Supplies and Services

First Aid & TrainingCintas offers a great range of first-aid and safety products and services for casinos, including:

Contact us today. A Cintas representative will evaluate the first aid readiness of your property and show you a range of first aid products and programs.