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Floor Mats

No one wants to play in a dirty casino. To keep your casino safe, clean and looking great, Cintas has options to rent, lease or buy mats. Additionally, our floor mats can be customized to include your logo, allowing branding every step of the way in your casino.


Keep dirt and liquids from making their way all over your building with a proper matting program. Our mats not only keep your facility clean but help reduce wear and tear maintenance costs.


Slips and falls are the second leading cause of injury and death after car accidents (OSHA). A large number of them are guests of restaurants, hotels, casinos and other public buildings. The average cost to defend law suits is more than $50,000 and the average judgment is over $100,000. Floor mats in entrance ways and uncarpeted areas are one of the best ways to help avoid costly accidents.

Improve employee morale and performance

For employees on their feet all day, such as dealers and cage station workers, anti-fatigue mats can greatly reduce fatigue.

Cintas offers a full line of anti-fatigue, scraper, carpeted, custom logo and kitchen mats to meet the specific needs of any area in your casino.

Contact a Cintas representative today to learn more about our floor mat services.