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Training Programs

Does your staff know what to do in an emergency situation? If a fire were to occur or if a guest experienced a sudden cardiac arrest incident, would they know how to respond?

Cintas offers the very best in life saving and safety training, providing onsite and online first aid and safety courses, with comprehensive training that fits any schedule.

Emergency Response and Training Programs

Cintas provides emergency response and training programs to protect your staff and keep you in compliance with OSHA safety standards, including:

  • First Aid, CPR, BBP training
  • OSHA compliance
  • AED training
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Safety training

Maintain Medical Expertise

Many casinos have their own medical staff. Make sure your medical trainer is up to date on all the latest certifications, techniques and equipment with Cintas’ comprehensive training programs.

Expert Service

Contact a Cintas representative to find out how comprehensive, cost effective and convenient our first aid and safety training can be for your business.