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Equipment Rental

Cintas recognizes the challenges equipment rental companies encounter and we are committed to help design a program that enhances every facet, from the employee to the building. Employees need to show professionalism and knowledge in all parts of the job. In addition, the office can be outfitted in a way that shows customers you have organized the complete package experience for their rental concerns. At Cintas – we accept the challenge and commit to serve you.

Image Enhancement

Customers will repeatedly go back to the equipment rental company that shows professionalism in all they do. With competition growing each year from franchises to local stores, customers have options and will turn to the company that exhibits the most helpfulness and customer care. A proper uniform signifies trust, knowledge and commitment while a clean facility shows quality. Cintas can help make the most of your program so your company image is directly impacted. The appearance of your facility and team is a reflection of the service you provide.

Safe Work Environment

Shop mechanics work in some extreme conditions! Extreme temperatures, tight spaces, complex equipment, and fast timeframes can quickly add up to a difficult situation. Cintas offers a number of safety and first aid products to keep your team performing safely. In addition to first aid supplies, Cintas offers general facility products such as specialty floor mats to promote a safe environment for employees and customers.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Cintas facility services contribute to an inviting company image, establishing cleanliness in ways that benefit customers and employees. With our restroom cleaning, hygiene products, and dirt-trapping floor mats, we have your facility covered! Our logo mats will not only help with your branding efforts, they will also maintain cleanliness by keeping dirt out of your facility. Additionally, our hand soaps, air fresheners, and paper towel services will help ensure the cleanliness of your restrooms. Let Cintas provide quality service to your facility at a very affordable cost.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the equipment rental industry.

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