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Woman working in a food processing plant.

Food Processing

Today, the new realities of the Food Processing industry bring complex challenges to food safety. Building on innovation and commitment, Cintas multiplies effectiveness by providing a variety of Food Industry service solutions related to sanitation, security and safety.


Working under constant threat of cross-contamination, food operators demand extreme care, supported by strict protocols. Cintas services are tailored to the rigors of the food industry, and governed by sound, documented SSOPs and a proprietary HACCP plan.

Cintas industry expertise and experience in food industry uniform and service solutions provide a foundation of effectiveness. A vertically integrated garment manufacturer and provider of numerous sanitation services, Cintas is endorsed by highly respected food industry trade associations. And with Cintas, you get the industry’s only validated six-log microbe-reducing wash formula, for an unsurpassed degree of confidence in solutions for the food processing industry.


Now more than ever, the cost of even one security failure can be immense, especially when it involves the food supply chain. Cintas representatives understand the risks and help identify security lapses in places you might not have thought to look.

Cintas builds confidence that the food supply is safe and ready for consumption with superior food processing service solutions.


Food industry environments are demanding on workers. Inferior preparedness can result in catastrophic human and economic losses. The financial impact can be significant.  No one does more to help you ensure a safe, prepared workplace than Cintas.

Safety is a constant demand in any industry. Count on Cintas to help you meet your OSHA compliance responsibilities and spread life-saving skills through your workforce. Whether you need first aid services to keep your team productive or facility services to keep your floors and restrooms safe, Cintas has a program for you.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the food processing industry.

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