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Dominos – Developing a Five-Star Chemical Program

How one franchisee integrated a streamlined chemical service from Cintas to reduce injury, increase storage space and improve store cleanliness

Shane Casey is a franchise owner of 11 Dominos Pizza restaurants located throughout the greater San Diego area, including the nation’s number one and two highest grossing Dominos Pizza stores. In order to become a five-star location, he realized they needed to have the cleaning chemicals handled perfectly every time to ensure each store presented a consistent level of cleanliness, and that wasn’t happening.

When Casey started the business three years ago, each store had a different method for procuring and managing its cleaning chemicals. Many of the chemicals used were concentrates purchased from commissaries on nearby military bases.

“To properly clean any surface throughout the store, our staff had to manually dilute the chemicals,” said Casey. “This required properly measuring out the right amount of chemical to the amount of water used. It was an intensive process with some risk, as chemicals could splash into the employees’ eyes if the right personal protective equipment (PPE) wasn’t used.”

In one instance, one of Casey’s team members splashed chemicals into her eye. It not only caused the employee pain, but resulted in a Workers’ Compensation claim.

Another issue with the existing chemical solution was storage space. Each store location is small, so storage space is a premium. Chemicals and food require separate storage space so there are no contamination issues, which was difficult to achieve in such a small area. Further, with so many different types of chemicals used it was difficult to establish a consistent level of clean, creating additional challenges to managing the existing program.

Streamlining the Chemical Service

When evaluating potential chemical providers, Casey selected Cintas’ Signet® Cleaning Chemical Service because it supplies only the chemicals needed and eliminates potential storage issues on a weekly basis. Using this method, Casey only pays based on each store’s unique cleaning habits rather than having his cash flow tied up in cleaning chemical inventory.

“With Cintas, we have dedicated trained service experts who visit each location on a scheduled basis to top off the chemicals,” said Casey. “If our team members are busy taking orders or preparing pizzas, the Cintas representative just goes straight to the back of the store to replenish the supply. [The system] takes responsibilities away from our management team, so they can focus on making great pizzas and safely getting them out the door.”

With Cintas, industry-leading Signet cleaning chemicals are maintained in a locked dispensing unit that is located over sinks in the back of each store. Inventory management by the Cintas service team ensures cleaning solutions are always available, and Cintas’ patented dispenser takes the guesswork out of mixing solutions; team members simply push a button to safely dispense the automatically diluted product. From sanitizers to disinfectants, Cintas provides all the chemicals needed to keep each store at a consistent level of clean.

“With the Cintas solution, every team member can dispense chemicals the right way every single time,” he added. “You don’t need to worry about the Health Department charging you for a violation.”

A Five-Star Operation

Since implementing Cintas’ chemical inventory service, Casey has realized a significant difference in the cleanliness of his stores and the amount of time team members spend buying chemicals and identifying the proper dilution ratios.

Additional inventory space and cash flow is another benefit he’s experienced from the solution. Storage areas are no longer crowded by gallons of chemicals, which occupy prime storage space and present potential trip and fall hazards.

Ultimately, peace of mind is one of the biggest dividends. He knows that by using Cintas as their chemical supplier, his team members have more time to do their jobs, but always have the resources they need to make sure each store looks its best.

“I would give Cintas’ chemical inventory a 5-star rating, just as I would hope our customers would give us a 5-star rating,” said Casey, “Cintas provides us with the tools we need to provide us with a level of clean that will help us achieve that 5-star status.”

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