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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Clean Kitchen

Up to 40% of food poisoning cases are attributed to poor hand washing and cross-contamination in the kitchen. Cintas is your single source for kitchen cleaning supplies, chemicals and services to keep your kitchen clean and sanitary.

Essential Supplies

We will monitor and replenish your supplies, eliminating the need for onsite inventories of such items as detergents, sink sanitizers, and hand care products.

Protect Your Kitchen and Employees

Cintas floor mat service delivers constant protection throughout your kitchen to capture and remove all dirt and moisture before it even hits the floor. Cintas also provides clean, fresh aprons for your employees.
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Maintenance Supplies

Our chemical dispensing and maintenance systems keep your kitchen clean and eliminate the need for large amounts of chemical storage.
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Deep Cleaning Service

A regularly scheduled deep clean makes day-to-day cleaning easier. Our chemically injected, high-pressure washer removes build-up that mops and brushes cannot.
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Safety in the Kitchen

Cintas can equip your kitchen with a Foodservice specific First Aid Cabinet. We can also help keep your employees safe by providing hood suppression systems.

Train Your Employees

The Cintas First Aid & Safety division provides emergency response and training programs to protect your employees and keep you in compliance with OSHA safety standards. Sample services and products include:

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