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Healthcare Uniforms



Not only does the appearance of healthcare employees impact how patients and visitors perceive your staff, but it can also provide easier identification of hospital personnel, promote trust and enhance credibility.

Whether you choose to rent or purchase uniforms, our knowledgeable Healthcare Consultants are ready to help you select the best uniforms for your facilities needs.


More than 75% of patients prefer a staff in quality uniforms. Our full-service uniform rental programs cover nearly every aspect of your healthcare uniform needs.

Uniform rental from Cintas features:

  • Measuring of employees for custom fit
  • Weekly pick-up of soiled garments and delivery of clean uniforms
  • Uniform inspection, repair and enhancement
  • Size changes when needed
  • Tailoring specifically for men and women


Experience the benefits of a personalized image apparel program built to fit the unique needs of the healthcare environment. Our wide range of uniform options can be customized by department to allow for easy identification of hospital personnel.

Eco Generation

Ask your Cintas representative about our eco-friendly scrub options. Each scrub set is made out of seven 16 oz. recycled plastic bottles.

To learn more about our comprehensive uniform rental and purchasing services, contact us today.


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