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Cintas understands that medical scrubs and uniforms play a vital role in the patient experience at healthcare facilities. A well-defined uniform program will create a professional first impression, convey trust and credibility, and help make employees easily identifiable to hospital patients. Let one of Cintas' dedicated team of Healthcare Image Apparel Consultants help you to design a winning medical scrubs and uniform program, and show you how to fully utilize our industry solutions for your facility.

Image Enhancement

Patient Satisfaction scores are growing ever more important to healthcare facilities these days. A specially developed uniform program sets the tone of a patient's visit, delivering a consistent message of coordinated efficiency, professional performance and organizational pride. With medical scrubs and uniforms from Cintas, your employees will look great and your patients will notice and appreciate the improved image of your facility.

Safety and Security Solutions

Security and trust are critical elements for success in any healthcare facility. Make it simple for patients and their family members to easily identify your staff members within their roles and responsibilities with color-coded medical scrubs. Allow Cintas to create a distinctive look that will enhance security at your facility through our new Caregiver Identification Program. Protect your employees and patients with our Fire Protection Solutions. Together we can make your facility safe.

Employee Morale

When your team looks and feels their best, it will be reflected in their performance. Outfitting your employees in professional uniforms and medical scrubs from Cintas not only benefits your employees with increased confidence but also enhances your customers' experience and perception of services rendered.

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