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Healthcare Restroom Cleaning & Services

Healthcare Restroom Cleaning & Services

Keeping healthcare facilities as clean as possible is an integral part of providing a safe, healthy environment. Cintas offers restroom cleaning services to meet your needs. Instead of managing an in-house cleaning staff or delegating cleaning duties to employees, Cintas helps ensure your restrooms stay clean, safe and professional.

Restroom Sanitation

About 50% of all public building complaints relate to restroom upkeep. Each week, a Cintas representative will visit your healthcare facility and thoroughly clean your restrooms using our restroom cleaning service.

The benefits of our restroom cleaning services include:

  • Eliminate on-site inventories and expenses
  • Remove dangerous germs causing sickness and disease
  • Improve patient and staff satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism due to illness

With restroom cleaning and sanitization services from Cintas, you can maintain a clean, safe environment for patients, visitors and your valued staff.

Stocked Restroom Supplies

In addition to restroom cleaning services, we can also keep your restrooms supplies fully stocked. From hand soaps and tissue paper, to air fresheners, auto flush units and more, Cintas provides your facility with the restroom supplies you need to maintain an efficient facility.

Contact a Cintas representative about restroom cleaning and supply programs for your facility.