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TILE & CARPET Cleaning

Tile & Carpet Cleaning

Revitalize your floors to their original beauty with our Tile & Carpet Deep Cleaning Service. Our deep cleaning service removes more dry particulate soil than any other method using greater heat, pressure and extraction. Our Cintas state-of-the-art trucks act as mobile plants for both commercial tile and carpet cleaning.


Carpet Cleaner
  • Revitalizes floor surfaces such as carpet, tile, grout, concrete and even drapes and upholstery to improve cleanliness and delay replacement costs

  • Uses a patented 4-step hot-water extraction method to deep clean carpet, effectively removing residue left behind by other cleaning methods

  • Eliminates disruption to your daily operation with our fast dry system that allows carpet to dry in hours, not days

For more information on our commercial carpet and tile cleaning services and a Free Floor Assessment, contact Cintas today!

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