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At Cintas, we have taken the initiative to help create programs for every full-time and part-time employee. We understand the demands of the job whether the employee is a mechanic, production manager, project supervisor, technician, sales representative or office staff. Each person is a valuable part of the team and most importantly, interacts with customers and prospects every day. Cintas products and services guarantee employees look and feel good on the job. Let Cintas help promote your image and attention to details for all employees representing your company and its reputation.

Image Enhancement

Cintas understands that lawn and landscape employees are highly visible in the public and standing out from competitors is a must in the green industry. The addition of a uniform promotes a positive image about the company and the job at hand. Professionals are working on the job and a complete uniform signifies the impression of an expert.

Uniforms also take the subjectivity out of choosing appropriate work attire. There is a definite risk of inappropriate clothing that you just don’t want to take. Uniforms take the risk of questionable attire to a nonexistent issue.

Employee and Company Identification

Uniforms provide identification for people working on a customer's property. Customers can be assured that qualified professionals are working on their place of business or residence and they are supposed to be on the premises.

Company identification can also help promote and generate new business as well. Wearing a uniform promotes the company name and is a form of free advertisement. No matter the jobsite, the company image is being endorsed, remembered and passed on to potential customers. Think of the amount of people who see your personnel every single day. Each person is a potential client and they are exposed to your company name.

Employee Productivity

Employees are challenged to learn and interact in a fast paced setting where they are expected to produce quality results. Language and cultural barriers can sometimes arise as the industry thrives on diversity. Uniforms provide a sense of belonging to a team and a dedicated commitment to the company.

Though working as a team is very rewarding for an individual, it can sometimes be stressful for reasons that are not always recognizable. Uniforms help companies establish unity and pride. Communication and teamwork could greatly be influenced by a uniform program.

Safe Work Environment

Cintas understands that safety is most likely your number one concern. Extreme conditions, hazardous chemicals, powerful equipment, various weather and intense timeframes can quickly prove to be difficult for the team. Cintas offers a variety of field safety and first aid products to keep employees performing on the job.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the lawn and garden industry.

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