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A man wearing complete pest control gear.

Pest Control

You've built your pest control business on service and trust. Gain momentum for the future by controlling one of the things customers remember most – appearance.

Image Enhancement

Customers open their doors to you expecting ‘the answer' to unwanted, perhaps harmful little visitors! Yet asking entry to a customer's business or home, with a less than credible appearance, can create even more questions:

  • Does this person, in fact, work for the pest control company I called?
  • Does this person appear knowledgeable?
  • Am I comfortable placing the well-being of my home or business in this person's care?

According to J.D. Power and Associates, research has shown that employees in uniform earn greater customer trust and confidence and raise the perceived quality of products and services offered!

Employee and Company Identification

With security measures heightened, uniforms provide identification for people working on a customer's property. Customers can be assured that qualified professionals are working on their place of business and they are supposed to be on the premises. Since many of your customers are homeowners, wearing an identity uniform provides a feeling of safety for family and belonging.

Company identification can also help promote and generate new business for your pest control company. Wearing a uniform promotes the company name and is a form of free advertisement. Whether employees work around executives, thousands of employees or simply at a facility with two people, the company image is being endorsed, remembered and passed on to potential customers.

Employee Productivity

Aches, pains, cuts, coughs and other ailments can really slow down your staff. Not only are your employees uncomfortable, productivity suffers as well. Top-of-the-line first aid and safety products from Cintas can help get your employees back on their feet and prevent any further discomfort.

Explore our recommended products and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the pest control industry.

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