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A veterinarian holding two kittens.


Cintas understands that the doctor is busy with patients. That is why we have taken the initiative to customize uniform and facility programs to endure the demand of the practice. Cintas realizes the quality of care you provide to patients and we've matched the quality of service we give you.

Cintas recognizes that veterinary medicine has a unique set of challenges and we are committed to help with a program that fits the many facets. Employees need to be identifiable, comfortable and presentable at all times. In addition, the office must be inviting and welcoming to clients. At Cintas - we accept the challenge and commit to a partnership with you.

Image Enhancement

Cintas understands that companion animals are "family members" and deserve to be treated with the utmost care and concern. Nothing could be more comforting for a client to place his pet in the hands of a doctor or vet technician in uniform. Whether you are an assistant in scrubs, or the DVM in an oxford shirt and white coat, the client will feel secure knowing their pet is in good hands. The professional look of your practice in uniform sends a message of "trust" to the client and emphasizes the quality health care you provide. Wear your uniforms with pride - you deserve it.

Safe Work Environment

The veterinary team can doctor patients in some extreme conditions. Cintas provides numerous solutions to maintain a safe environment for every person and pet that enters the office. Cintas programs have the practice covered from the front entrance to the intense surgical room. Multiple options are available to customize the program which best enhances your practice.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Cintas recognizes that it is critical for your practice to be at the forefront of cleanliness. We have adopted several unique products for the veterinary industry into our product line to ensure your needs are met with little to no involvement on your part. Remember - Cintas understands you are busy with patients. Let Cintas provide quality service to your facility at a very affordable cost.

Explore our services and start benefiting from the expertise Cintas has committed to the veterinary medicine industry.

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