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Every year, improper document shredding costs businesses millions of dollars in liability, loss of reputation and loss of customers. Document shredding is no place to take shortcuts.  With privacy and information disposal regulations ever increasing, proper handling of confidential business and customer information is more critical than ever.  Cintas Document Management is your answer to a low cost, secure document shredding solution.

Trust Cintas for document shredding services that fit any size business, regular or occasional need, off site or on site, and that comply with all laws regarding secure and auditable document destruction.  Once Cintas completes your shredding, your company will be provided a Certificate of Destruction from the National Association for Information (NAID) –– proof that our services meet the industry’s highest security standards.

Off Site Shredding Services

  • Secure Lockdown™ Technology
    Our proprietary technology ensures your documents are locked in a secure bin until they reach our facility, which is under video surveillance 24/7/365. GPS tracking allows you knowledge of where your documents are in the process of shredding.
  • Customized To Your Business
    Our flexible service plans meet your unique security needs and your budget.
  • Regular or Occasional Service
    Cintas collects the documents to be shredded based on the schedule you create.
  • Containers to Suit Your Needs
    Depending on your volume, choose to have a secure executive container or a large, wheeled container delivered to your office and placed in an optimal location.
  • 100% Recycled
    All shredded material is 100% recycled –– we are committed to protecting the environment.

On Site Shredding

  • SmartShred™ Document Shredding
    Our proprietary document destruction process takes place on our secure truck before it leaves your property. Our process is hands-free to further guarantee the highest level of security in the industry.
  • Speed and Efficiency
    Our trucks can shred up to 8,000 pounds of paper an hour, ensuring the highest level of efficiency.
  • Security Site Assessment
    A Cintas Security Professional will provide a consultation to determine what type of shredding services best suit your business.
  • Containers to Suit Your Needs
    Cintas experts will advise as to the optimal size and placement of secure containers at your facilities.
  • Regular Service
    On site shredding containers are serviced at regular intervals by a Cintas Security Service Representative to ensure timely destruction of sensitive materials.


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