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A well-dressed customer-facing female employee wearing the Cintas Women's Performance Oxford Button Down and Women's Comfort Pants. Business-casual uniforms are designed for ease and comfort and delivered quickly.
Polos, Nike shirts, woven shirts
A food processing employee well-equipped in a logo-embroidered Cintas Knit Cuff Butcher Coat — apparel that provides brand recognition, safety and compliance.
Specialty Workwear
Chef coats, flame resistant clothing
Men's Black AirDisk II Steel-Toe Safety Shoes provide comfort and protection on the job.
Timberland®, Dr. Martens®
An outdoor road maintenance employee protected from the rain by the Cintas PVC/Polyester Rainsuit. This wonderful outerwear also protects against acid and chemicals.
Rainwear, windshirts, fleece
The Mechanix Gloves #86942 — multi-purpose gloves that provide superior fit and control while affording excellent dexterity and protection.
Hats, gloves, briefcases

Work Apparel Product Lines

When your employees are comfortable, they’re more productive. And when your employees look professional, your customers are more comfortable, too.

The appearance of your customer-facing staff is an extension of your brand. And the comfort and safety of your labor force is directly linked to the quality and consistency of your products and services. Cintas uniforms can help your company look good on the floor and on paper.

Cintas takes the work out of work apparel.

Choose to rent, lease or buy our uniforms. Whether for image, for specialized jobs or for protection from the elements, Cintas work apparel covers your every need — from outerwear to footwear to accessories — with simple uniform programs that practically run themselves.

Try Cintas on for size.

Contact us and let a Cintas representative show you how well our uniforms can fit your business and your employees.