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With Cintas uniform leasing, your company enjoys all of the benefits of a Cintas uniform program with the affordability of at home laundry.
Uniform Leasing - affordability and flexibility
A coffee shop barista serving a customer their coffee - outfitted in a leasable Cintas waist apron and uniform that fits the company's image.
Multiple styles and garments to choose from
A sales representative handing his business card to a front desk employee while maintaining a professional appearance in the Cintas ProKnit NG® polo, available for lease.
ProKnit NG® Polo - fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant
A well-dressed customer-facing female employee wearing the Cintas Women's Performance Oxford Button Down and Women's Comfort Pants.
Insure a professional image for all of your employees

Lease Uniforms

If you are considering leasing uniforms for your employees, you understand that a good impression is important for your business. Unlike some other uniform companies out there today, we focus on contemporary retail-inspired leasable uniforms. Our women's uniforms have been designed with a woman's body in mind, and we keep up with today's styles because we know image is everything.

Cintas offers uniform leasing programs that are cost-effective and efficient.

Although the individual employee is responsible for cleaning the garments, when you lease your work uniforms through Cintas, we take care of size changes, repairs, replacements and initial outfitting of your entire staff.

When you lease with Cintas:

  • No upfront capital is required because you don't have to buy the uniforms.
  • Uniforms are individually fit for each employee to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Your employees are responsible for cleaning their uniforms.
  • We inspect, repair and replace the uniforms if sizes change or damages occur.
  • If the size of your work force increases, we add additional uniforms.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote, or to have a Cintas representative contact you with more information about our uniform leasing options.