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With Carhartt Rental Apparel exclusively from Cintas, your employees will appreciate the durability and unparalleled quality they receive from Carhartt clothing when on the job, while enjoying the laundry, repair and replacement benefits that accompany a Cintas Uniform Rental Program.
The durability of Carhartt now available for uniform rental.
A maintenance employee buffing the floor, wearing the Comfort uniform shirt and cargo pants. With a Cintas uniform rental program you can present a professional image while still maintaining the durability workers need on the job.
Uniform Rental designed for your industry
An auto shop salesman dressed in stylish, retail-inspired cargo pants available in a Cintas uniform rental program.
Cargo Collection — stylish and durable
Choose a uniform rental program that is bold and businesslike. Outfit your employees in durable, comfortable uniforms to create a coordinated, image-enhancing look.
Delivering the professional image
A sales representative handing his business card to a front desk employee while maintaining a professional appearance in the Cintas ProKnit NG® uniform rental polo.
ProKnit NG® Polo — fade, wrinkle, and shrink resistant
A female grocery store worker — wearing a rented collarless blouse cut full and shaped to be worn untucked — scanning products for inventory.
Easy-Care Blouses, tailored for women
A butcher cutting meat while staying safe, clean and sanitized in a Cintas butcher coat — available in a uniform rental program.
Butcher Coats — safety and sanitation
Two petroleum refinery workers — wearing flame resistant clothing regularly maintained and laundered through a Cintas rental program — discussing business.
Flame Resistant Clothing

Uniform Rental Service

Rental uniforms your employees will want to wear every day.

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, we can tailor a uniform rental service program to fit your budget and needs. Unlike some other uniform companies out there today, we focus on contemporary retail-inspired rental uniforms. Our women's uniforms have been designed with a woman's body in mind, and we keep up with today's styles because we know image is everything.

With our full-service uniform rental services there's no laundry to do, no uniforms to buy and no repairs or maintenance to waste your time and money.

When you begin a uniform rental program with Cintas:

  • No upfront capital is required because you don't have to buy the uniforms.
  • Work uniforms are individually fit for each employee to ensure the right look and fit.
  • Week after week, we pick up your soiled uniforms and deliver professionally cleaned ones.
  • We launder, inspect, repair and replace the uniforms if sizes change or damages occur.
  • If the size of your work force increases, we add additional uniforms.

A full-service uniform rental program from Cintas will take care of your employee daily wardrobe hassles, and it costs less than it would cost to buy an employee a cup of coffee and a doughnut each day.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote, or to have a Cintas representative contact you with more information about our uniform rental service.